Travis Scott pulled all the stops for his family this Christmas.

After years of hard work, the Houston rapper was able to give his family a gift he describes as “a present I been working on my whole life.” He took to Twitter to share that he had purchased a new house for his family, and that he has spent the past two months fixing up the interior. 

Today, Scott unveiled the new home, giving his shocked family members a tour of their luxurious new space. “Alright, so I���m about to surprise my fam with one of the most craziest gifts of all fuckin’ time,” he said in an Instagram video as he drove his relatives to the new property. “It’s actually too big to put a fuckin’ bow around. I can’t wait to see these motherfuckers’ reaction. I’ma ’Gram the whole shit.”

He documented their reactions using Instagram's "Stories" feature, filming his relatives excitedly running around the house. Equipped with an enormous pool and stunning views, its clear Scott spent a pretty penny on the generous gift. 

Watch the heartwarming footage below.