We all want to be Beyoncé.

Every time she makes a public appearance (like her show-stopping performance and acceptance speech at the Grammys last night) it's hard not to daydream about living a day as Bey.

Fortunately, a small team of game developers have made that possible with a free 8-bit web game called Lemonade Rage. Existing in the car-smashing universe as her "Hold Up" music video, the game allows you to smash cars and "Illuminati conspiracists" and comes complete with an incredible 8-bit soundtrack by 8 Bit Universe.

"When we first saw Beyonce’s whole Lemonade video we were blown away, especially by the 'Hold Up' video," the team of developers (Joe Laquinte, Justin Au, Line Johnsen, and Colby Spear​) tells Pigeons & Planes. "The more we thought about the video, we started to realize how it could make for a pretty sick video game."

What they ended up with was a game that they describe as "classy and refined but badass and explosive. Just like Bey."

Look through some screenshots below and play the free game here.