Killer Mike has never bit his tongue when it came to political issues. He's been both vocal and active on a local and national scale on everything from police brutality to the latest presidential race in which he supported Bernie Sanders.

After naming the drill used to create a new reservoir outside of Atlanta named after him in a naming contest, Georgia state senator Nan Orrock sponsored a resolution honoring Killer Mike for his work on water infrastructure and his general community outreach efforts.

The RTJ rapper was also able to speak on the state senate floor and you can read an excerpt of his statements below and check out more here courtesy of WABE in Atlanta.

“The charge that I give all of us in this hall today is to make sure that Georgia remains an equitable place not only for water, but for education, for workers’ rights, for where we're living,” Killer Mike said. “It should be as fair for a rural white man in Georgia who's trying to live by the land, as it is for a kid on the Westside of Atlanta, trying to survive the concrete.”