Late Tuesday night, Rick Ross dropped a remixed version of "Buy Back the Block." This version, dubbed "Buy Back the Block (Refinance)," features Nipsey Hussle, E40, Slim Thug, and Fat Joe.

The original version of the song featured 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane, and had an epic video. This one starts off with an aggressive Nipsey verse, which includes a quick brag about that time Jay Z bought $10K worth of his mixtapes.

Then Slim Thug comes up, talking about buying "a hundred houses" and shouting out his own construction business. "Used to sell bricks, now we selling brick homes," he raps.

E-40 talks about possibly following Ross' lead and getting into the food franchise game, except that he imagines himself owning a Whole Foods or a Sprouts.

Fat Joe takes a minute out of his boasting to pay tribute to his deceased pal Big Pun's famous "Pakinamac" skit: "Put the streets on my back, now I'm back in them streets," he rhymes. "Used to pack a Mac in the back of them Cadillac seats/And that's word to Big Punisher, I be sonning these niggas." 

Ross closes out the track, and his ending lines sum up his message. "All the homes that I own, I open my doors/For ones that I call my own, and pray you do it with yours."

Check out "Buy Back the Block (Refinance)" below.