Jinx is an integral part of P&P video. We all know Good Jinx who delivers news daily, and Evil Jinx who is a master troll. But now it's time to meet another version of Brandon Jenkins. Say hello to Record Exec Jinx. 

As head of Meat House Records, Record Exec Jinx is always on the hunt for fresh sounds and ways to help his artists achieve mainstream success. He has his pulse on the music industry yet is alarmingly out of touch. He loves fly shit yet owns multiple Bluetooth headsets. He's a mess.

In the first episode, rising star Kemba pays a visit to the office. Jinx believes he has the winning formula for Kemba to explode into the mainstream, but will Kemba listen? Or will he realize that Jinx is straight up out of his mind? 

Catch Kemba live on the No Ceilings tour starting April 18. He'll be hitting 9 cities across North America with a few of P&P's other favorite up-and-comers—Boogie, Kaiydo, and Michael Christmas—and there will be special guests in each city. Come through!