Those following the news cycle surrounding Kendrick Lamar’s latest album Damn have likely been exposed to a fan theory that rivals Carrie Mathison’s infamous corkboard from Homeland. A granular over-analysis of Kendrick’s bars and the connecting of some possibly non-existent dots led to the popular theory that Damn will be followed up by another album on Sunday, April 16. This theory was seemingly lent credibility when people misinterpreted a tweet by producer and resident TDE member Sounwave.

“But what if I told you... that's not the official version..” Sounwave tweeted one day before Damn dropped. He followed up the post by tweeting a picture of Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus character from The Matrix, and some fans took the post as some type of cryptic hint. Friday, with speculation of another Kendrick Lamar album at fever pitch, Sounwave took to Twitter to clear up a few things.

“The 'unofficial version' I was referring to was the leaked version that's missing important interludes and vocal pieces...” he tweeted.

Of course, without a flat-out denial stating there won’t be another Kendrick Lamar album dropping on Easter Sunday, some fans will still be on alert. But if Sounwave’s most recent tweets are any indication, no follow up project will be dropping anytime soon.