We're barely a week into the release of Lil Yachty's debut studio album, Teenage Emotions. One of the more stupidly controversial moments from it is the "cello" line off "Peek-A-Boo," where Yachty says: "My new bitch yellow / She blow that dick like a cello." Yachty blamed it on his A&R, because he "listened to that song many times, and he allowed me to say that." Yachty then said he "thought Squidward played the cello," and acknowledged that he fucked up.

During his recent stop at Hot 97 for Ebro in the Morning, Ebro brought up the cello line, and Rosenberg revealed a piece of an off-air conversation that he had with Yachty about the cello line, saying that "people said to him, 'you could just say a cello was a nickname for a dick,'" but Yachty kept it a thousand, admitting to Rosenberg, "No, I actually thought it was a woodwind instrument.'" This specific part begins at the nine-minute mark. "My A&R told me, I could say it's like a big dick," Yachty says, but he figured it made more sense "to just tell the truth."​

So there you have it. This whole thing was a misunderstanding and a cello is actually a string instrument and does not mean big dick. But if you are looking for some woodwind instruments to compare to dicks, you can find a bunch of them here.