Norwegian singer Sigrid's buoyant pop anthem "Don't Kill My Vibe" is a hit. The catchy single has been racking up millions of plays, taking most of the attention, but her excellent debut EP shows there's a lot more going on here than one fluke hit. She has the makings of a star.

Apple Music seems to agree, as they've chosen her as the second artist (following 6lack) in their monthly Up Next series, which highlights and showcases promising young musicians. As part of the series, Sigrid will be sharing a short documentary film, a live performance session, and an interview with Julie Adenuga on Beats 1.

Sitting down with Adenuga, she discussed how important her cultural roots are, explaining, "Scandinavia is a very supportive music environment, especially Bergen where I live in Norway. Because the city centre is so small, everyone goes to the same bars, we go to the same concerts, we play in each others’ bands. Most of my friends play in 10 bands. I’ve definitely got a lot of time to go back and go into the mountains and just think about what’s happening."

The film, performances, and interview will be available for Apple Music subscribers here. Watch a trailer for the short documentary below.

Sigrid also told Adenuga the meaning behind her hit song, "Don't Kill My Vibe," saying, "It’s probably one of the most important songs I’ve written. I’m actually saying it’s not okay when people doesn’t respect you. And I think that’s something people can relate to because, I guess it’s just good to hear someone say, it’s not okay. Just speak up." Watch the rest of the interview below.

The documentary touches on the downside of success and what it's like going from "being a normal girl in a small town in Norway" to stardom.

She also discusses her influences, including Joni Mitchell and Neil Young.

If you haven't seen her music video for "Don't Kill My Vibe" or the stunning acoustic version of "Dynamite," check those out below.