Zane Lowe premiered Action Bronson's new track "Let Me Breathe" Wednesday. The song is taken from Bronson's forthcoming Blue Chips 7000 project, which he told Lowe Wednesday should arrive at the end of July or early August "at the fucking latest."

"I'm rolling a fat ass blunt right now in fucking Paris," Bronson informed Lowe at the top of Wednesday's chat. Asked to provide some context on the Harry Fraud-produced "Let Me Breathe," Bronson expressed relief that his new project is finally being released. "This is off of the new album, finally, Blue Chips 7000," he said. Bronson added that he's been sitting on new music "like a little chickadee" for three months.

Listen to the full Bronson and Lowe interview below, which thankfully includes a lot of talk about U2 and Bono:

Blue Chips 7000—Bronson's first project since 2015's Mr. Wonderful—is set to feature appearances from Big Body Des, Mayhem Lauren, Rick Ross, and more. Bronson's debut book Fuck, That’s Delicious: An Annotated Guide to Eating Well drops Sept. 12.

In May, Bronson let everyone in on how frustrated he was feeling about the Blue Chips 7000 holdup. "Put my motherfucking album out," Bronson said.

Earlier that month, Bronson told his audience at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami, Florida that he didn't "give a fuck if I have to leak it myself."

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