This video of a gorilla dancing to Michael Sembello's "Maniac" is going viral:

We're huge fans of animals over here at Pigeons & Planes, and bigger fans of animals with songs in the background. Back in the day these videos were a common practice here, and I literally probably only have a career here because of this pig video I made that went viral on Facebook:

So seeing that gorilla dancing to "Maniac" brought instant joy to my Friday, and then moments later I saw this duck dancing video:

What a time! So I hopped on YouTube dot com and decided to search "animals dancing to maniac," and was not disappointed. It's just the perfect combination. The song is an iconic dance track, and then just look at the animals! They're dancing! Great content right there. I hope this trend continues on the world wide web for years to come. So here are a few more to get your Friday going. Have a great weekend. 🐦​