Over the weekend, Donald Glover treated fans to an awesome Childish Gambino set at Governors Ball, but the standout moment for many came when he referenced a particular meme that's been floating around for a while now. People began remixing and messing with the song by combining it with other memes, speeding it up, replacing the vocals with something else, or adding bizarre sounds on top of the original. The best ones, however, came from people imagining what the song would sound like if heard in certain situations.

The "What 'Redbone would sound like if..." meme took off so much, that it was only a matter of time before Glover referenced it himself. During his set, he referenced this particular version of it. He set-up the scene and everything, talking about a make-out session, describing "Redbone" as "the perfect song to make-out to." He's not wrong. The meme has now come full-circle, and the creator can likely die happy knowing this.

Watch Glover reference the meme above, and check out the original tweet that inspired it below.