Last week, Young Thug dropped Beautiful Thugger Girlsoriginally titled Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls—a 14-song project that focused on his singing abilities, and it didn't come without some oddities surrounding its release. 

For starters, Thug claimed Drake executive produced the project, but there is no evidence to suggest that Toronto rapper had any involvement. Maybe his work motivated Thug to sing more?

Then there was the controversial and violent album trailer, in which a woman was brutally beaten so she could be "initiated" into the beautiful thugger girls clan.


Wonderful initiation @mmaigal 💕💕

A post shared by ""JEFFERY"" (@thuggerthugger1) on Jun 14, 2017 at 7:34pm PDT

But what about that title? Thug shortened it from Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls just a few days before it dropped. He never explained why, and it's possible it could have been a legal issue given it was a riff on CoverGirl's iconic slogan, "Easy, breezy, beautiful, CoverGirl."

One thing is clear, though: CoverGirl is aware of Thug's use of it, and the makeup company is not into it. At all. 

When reached for comment, a rep for CoverGirl​ said that Thug never requested permission to use the company's slogan for his original title. "CoverGirl​ was not contacted by Young Thug or any parties regarding his original album title," the statement read. "The album is not aligned with our values at CoverGirl​. Violence and abuse are unacceptable behaviors. We do not support the use or association of our iconic slogan, 'Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, CoverGirl​' with Young Thug’s video, album or promotional materials."

Young Thug probably didn't mean any real malice behind his actions for this new project, but it sounds like he's made a few people uncomfortable along the way.