Here at P&P, we love a good conspiracy theory. So far we've looked into whether or not Stevie Wonder is blind (he isn't), and if Avril Lavigne actually died in 2003 (she did). Today, we're digging deep to find out if Elvis Presley is alive or not. And folks, the truth might shock you, because Elvis is alive. He's alive as hell. 

There's a video on YouTube called "Possible Elvis Sighting 6/1/2016" that has nearly 2 million views, and I think the saying, "Where there's smoke, there's fire" means a lot here. After watching the video and reading the description, I'm convinced. Elvis is alive and is in fact working at Graceland as a groundskeeper. He's working at his own house and no one's the wiser. What a sly dog. Not convinced? Just read this from the video's description: 

"Of course, many Elvis fans don't think it's him. That plays right into Elvis hands. He loves that!! So many can't believe it's him because their mind will not let them conceive that it could be him.Somehow they are expecting him to look a certain way.

So MANY have said that it Patsy's son Jimmy Gimble, but that is impossible. Jimmy is a much younger man.

The man in question is much older. He does not wear a name tag like Jimmy does. Jimmy always wears a cap with the Graceland emblem on it and a nice knit shirt with a Graceland logo. The older man has older hands with longer fingers and longer arms."

OF COURSE Elvis fans don't think it's him. And I'm literally LMFAOing at the people who think it's Jimmy Gimble. Jimmy is so much younger than Elvis.

So there you have it. Elvis is alive and working at Graceland as a groundskeeper. Go visit him if you get a chance.

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