You know what would've made Beautiful Thugger Girls even better? A Frank Ocean feature, amirite? He's got gems with Calvin Harris becoming surefire summer anthems and has worked with everyone from Jay Z to ASAP Rocky this year (so far). Let producer Charlie Handsome tell it, Frank Ocean was about to be on Beautiful Thugger Girls.

In an interview with DJ Booth, Handsome said they "thought Frank Ocean was going to get on" the Beautiful Thugger Girls track "Me or Us," which he worked on with Rex Kudo and Post Malone. Handsome, who was a co-producer on Kanye West's Life of Pablo banger "Fade," says "Me or Us" was an idea that was started "at the Kanye sessions." After realizing that Kanye wouldn't be using the track, Kudo ended up getting the track in Thug's hands.

At one point, it sounded like Ocean was supposed to be on it, but Handsome says he didn't know if Ocean's schedule called for it. While he also let it be known that Post Malone threw some vocals on the track as well, it sounds like we could be getting a "Me or Us 2.0" featuring Travis Scott. "I think right now Thug’s going to have Travis Scott cut a piece to that and re-upload it to Spotify," Handsome says, "so that’ll be really cool."

Right now, a Thugger stan can only dream of what Frank Ocean would've sounded like on that cut, but hey, at least we have a new version to look forward to.