While doing my weekly scroll through Lil Pump's timeline, I stumbled across this video. 

If you're at work and can't watch the video, it's best described as a video of an older man expressing admiration for Lil Pump, while freestyling and also offering car deals with "zero down." As the man puts it himself, "I'm trying to help you out with a fucking car deal... I'm trying to help you young rappers out."

The man in question is Twitter user @hondadeal4vets, or Joseph Urban, who is a "disabled Vietnam vet, making car deal (sic) special for all Veterans and followers." He often tweets about blunts, flowers, how superior Hondas are to Toyotas, and plenty of these videos replying to young rappers on the rise. I guess what I found most fascinating about Joe is the type of rappers he is hitting up. He's not going for Drake or Kendrick, he's aimed at the underground. The list of recent replies includes Lil Pump, Night Lovell, Playboi Carti, and Matt Ox to name a few. 

So we reached out to Joe to see if we could find out where he finds his music. Does he read Pigeons & Planes? Possibly.

You're very in touch with the underground and are plugged in. Where do you find your new music? 


Why are you interacting with rappers? How do you choose those rappers?

I like underground rap. I study their music and make a decision. I help young rappers get started and it keeps me young. I am the one and only original OG.

Who is your favorite rapper right now?

There are so many I love and I cannot say I love one more than another. I am about attitude for gratitude. I don't grade, I accept the talent each one has. 

Check out more of Joe's videos below, and if you're looking to get a new car hit up Ocean Honda of Burlingame.