Killer Mike began trending on Twitter Saturday as users continued to respond to Bill Maher calling himself a “house nigga” during on Real Time With Bill Maher. Killer Mike has made multiple appearances on Real Time With Bill Maher, most recently three weeks ago.

Killer Mike talked it out, giving dozens of responses to clarify his points. But his thoughts boil down to three central arguments. Mike defended Maher's First Amendment right to free speech, that Maher should be responsible for his own words and actions, and that there are larger issues at hand.

As it related to Maher’s comments within the perceived list of issues plaguing the black community, Mike told one user, “black [sic] have BIGGER things than NIGGER to concern our selves with: Black Banks, Gentrification, Economics & Trade Education. Love, My Nigga.”

The Run The Jewels member further went on to engage another user on accusations that he was defending Maher. Mike said, “Bill can ‘defend’ Bill [and] I can not care. That is my actual stance. I care about [money] in our community.”

If users were angling for Killer Mike to provide some outright condemnation of Bill Maher, they didn’t get it Saturday. However, Mike did co-sign one user’s statement of, “Fuck Bill Maher for this” and added that he didn’t have to agree with Maher on everything they discussed.

“I don’t like his views on Islam but I have no right to stop him from saying stupid shit,” Mike added.

Before Maher’s official apology, there was a wide range of opinions. Chance The Rapper advocated for removing Maher’s show from the air, while Larry King caped for Maher with the tried and true excuses of “I’ve been a friend of Bill Maher's for years” and “there’s not a racist bone in his body.”

With Maher’s apology and HBO’s announcement to remove the offensive segment from future airings, things appear to have been smoothed over. For those leveling the criticism against Killer Mike that advocating for economic empowerment within the black community and calling out a comedian’s failed attempt to joke about cruel but common practice established during slavery, the discussion may be resumed with Roland Martin.

TVOne’s Roland Martin asked Mike to further discuss the issue, and it appears Mike was willing to take his arguments to Martin’s show.

“Yes let’s do it on your show as well,” Mike replied. “The word NIGGER is NOT our dire issue. Self-reliance and building black economic dignity is.”