UPDATE: Syringe has been found. One of Syringe's closest collaborators, Eric North, has tweeted, "He's been found. He's safe. My brother is alive." Misogi, who initially helped make people aware that Syringe was missing, tweeted, "I will update you when we see him." He respectfully asked for fans not to "overwhelm him on his return." 

ORIGINAL POST: Friends and family of Syringe have posted across social media platforms that the 20-year-old artist has gone missing. Born Chase Mcarthur Cauthen in Prince George's County, Maryland, Syringe has made a name for himself with an unorthodox approach to genre-bending music. He was last seen on June 2 in Commerce City, Denver and his last tweet was on June 4.

We spoke to one of Syringe's friends Titus Gilner and he told us that the situation is "long and confusing, last time he was seen was June 1 at the Super 8 Central Denver Motel. People have spoken to him online as recent as last week, but he was being even more weird/crazy than usual."

See some of the tweets raising awareness to the situation below and reach out to the numbers listed in the tweets if you have any information regarding Syringe or his whereabouts.