At this point, whenever a video goes viral on the internet, we expect to laugh or get outraged. But not today. Today, we finally get some of our faith in humanity restored.

A short, heartwarming clip of a 16-year-old named John getting a birthday surprise from his recently-deceased father is going viral on Reddit, and the comments are just as amazing as the video itself.

First, a family member added some context, commenting, "If you knew his dad you would understand how prepared he was for everything. It really was a surprise for Johnny's birthday and he couldn't believe that his dad (who had passed from an unexpected heart attack about two months before) had one last surprise for him on his birthday." She added, "Johnny gets lessons once a week and playing guitar in his band is everything to him."

After the video started getting some traction, Nita from Alice Cooper left a comment and hooked John and his family up with backstage passes. Then, more commenters got together and organized a Paypal account to send John "Happy Birthday" gifts. Others offered help any way they could think of, leaving comments like, "If you need any doggie daycare services in ATL, I got you fam! That's pretty rockstar right?"

So, I guess the internet isn't so bad after all. Happy Friday, everybody.