"Nuts and Bolts is the show describing how everything that I think is awesome is made," Tyler, the Creator says in the trailer for his new VICELAND TV show.​

An apparent spin on the Science Channel's classic How It's Made show, but seen through the eyes of Tyler's inquisitive mind, Nuts + Bolts will premiere on VICELAND on August 3. The trailer gives a peek at guest appearances from Bill Nye The Science guy and Neil DeGrasse Tyson as well as episode topics that include stop motion film, time travel, mustard, and go-karts.

Today is the day that Tyler has been mysteriously counting down to on social media, but it appears this trailer isn't what we've been waiting for. More surprises from Tyler are to come.

Watch the trailer for Nuts + Bolts above and continue for five things we learned about Tyler from his recent Cherry Bomb documentary.