Young Thug surprised a lot of people when he announced he'll be releasing a singing album called Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls, executive produced by Drake a couple months ago, and he's keeping us all on our toes today with the release of the project's artwork and trailer.

On Monday night, a tracklist and cover (that looked clearly photoshopped) leaked, depicting a legless Thug playing an upside down guitar that seemed to be morphing into the stool in front of him. Then, this afternoon, Thug shared an album trailer that featured much of the same imagery found on the leaked cover. An hour later, he posted the same image to his Instagram page, leading many to believe it might actually be the project's official artwork.

Bizarre rollout aside, the music itself is sounding interesting. The song in the trailer sounds like a new version of the country snippet Thug shared last month and it appears Thug is intent on following through on his promise to deliver a full singing album. After tweeting "E.B.B.T.G 16th" multiple times, it seems we're only days away from hearing what a country-influenced Young Thug project will sound like.

In the meantime, watch the trailer above and see the artwork below.