While in the UK for Wireless Festival, Bryson Tiller added some brief context to his December 2016 tweets about Drake’s More Life. After tweeting about possibly collaborating with Drake last year, Tiller was conspicuously absent from Drake’s latest, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they didn’t work on music together.

“Yeah man, I sent him a few songs,” Tiller told Capital XTra’s Yinka Bokinni. “He sent me a few songs. We just gotta see what happens… I don’t ever want to rush a song with nobody. I just want to put out the right song or the right project.”

Interestingly enough, the beat for “Benz Truck,” off Tiller's new album True to Self, was originally intended for Aubrey.

“The beat to 'Benz Truck' was actually intended for Drake,” !llmind told Complex during a May interview. “Boi-1da showed it to him, and he liked it but he never used it. More Life dropped and we ended up not getting anything on that album together.”

While across the pond, Tiller was also interviewed by Tim Westwood. Their wide-ranging Q&A touched on Tiller’s reluctance to do much press, which he essentially chalked up to a fear of oversaturation tempered by a desire to reach fans and have a mutually beneficial relationship with radio.

“I support them, [and] they support me in playing my music,” Tiller offered. “I always felt the radio keeps me alive.”

The conversation with Westwood also revealed Drake isn’t the only popular artist Tiller may have some unreleased collaborations with.

“We definitely gotta get in the studio,” Tiller said of Travis Scott. “We’ve been talking about it for a while and talking about going on tour together… we did a few shows together, and he’s one of the first artists who showed me love. He let me open up for him.”

In the meantime, Tiller saw four singles from True to Self reach Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart last month, with “No Longer Friends,” “Run Me Dry,” “Don’t Get Too High,” and “Self-Made” respectively hitting the No. 98, 91, 89, and 85 spots. You can view Bryson Tiller’s full interview with Tim Westwood above. Tiller’s remarks about Travis Scott begin at the 13:55 mark.