Knox Fortune is rising through the ranks, and he's working hard to turn into a household name. The Chicago-based singer and producer—who says he's inspired by both the Beach Boys and the Beastie Boys—is here with some visuals for his new song "Lil Thing" which was shot on 16 film by WLF.

Fortune is best known for popping up on Chance the Rapper's Coloring Book project, the accompanying voice on the up-tempo track, "All Night." The vibe is quite different from the Chance collaboration, slowing down the pace and relying heavily on synths and snares, but it's hard to mistake the voice.

Though he's obviously biased on the matter, Fortune thinks Chicago's current wave of artists is set to change the face of the music scene, and said as much during an interview with Complex last May.

"Chicago is going to change music," he said. "I honesty believe that the way people make, release, and present music [to listeners] will shift. We're in the middle of a big-ass shift. I see it with Chance's shit, and I know Vic is going to do something similar."

While that's a bold proclamation, we'd be happy to see Fortune and his contemporaries put in the work to make it possible. You can watch the video for "Lil Thing" up top, or stream the song via SoundCloud below. It's also available for purchase on iTunes.