It was only a matter of time. Two of hip-hop's most unique characters on the internet have finally met: Rich Chigga and Nardwuar.

As usual, Nardwuar dug deep for weird moments from Chigga's past, including a 20th place finish at an international Rubik's Cube competition, his days as a child clothing model, the time he gave weed to his neighborhood goats, owning fake guns, making music with Scott Storch, and his father's love of rings.

Then, after taking the opportunity to, um, ask Chigga if he'd ever signed any dicks, Nardwuar asked if a Rich Chigga dance exists, which led to my new favorite GIF on the internet.


Chigga also told a story about meeting 21 Savage: "We didn't have an actual conversation, but it's a pretty funny thing that happened. I was in Rolling Loud and it was almost ending. He always rolls around with a big crew of like 20 people, and he's very tall. At the end of Rolling Loud at night, they have all these fireworks, and I read somewhere that he had PTSD or something, and I saw that happen. All the loud fireworks were happening and he's walking with his crew and he kind of looked back and kept walking. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

Watch the interview above and see Rich Chigga comment on XXXTENTACION, Rolling Loud, and fidget spinners below.