The passing of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy is one of the biggest unexpected shockers in hip-hop this year. As more and more of his collaborators have come forward to memorialize him, Alchemist, a longtime producer for the group, has decided to share an unreleased track called “Try My Hand.”

Off Alchemist and UK producer Budgie’s collaborative album The Good Book, Vol. 2, “Try My Hand” is vintage Mobb Deep with a mesmerizing beat, a smooth sample, and vivid storytelling rhymes. Prodigy takes on the hook, rapping, “Y’all can’t fuck with these bums/They want to test my aim, and challenge my gun/The devil want to try my hand/But God got a master plan.”

In his verse, Prodigy delivers some noteworthy lines like “She never heard talk like this, I capture your attention/My gat is a gift from God for you to listen” and “Well violence is the best translator/Bullets are universal, see, now you can relate to a thug.”

It’s just another reminder of Prodigy’s lyrical prowess, and how he was taken from us too soon. You can stream it below.