Nick Cannon’s Wild 'N Out is in its ninth season, and fans of the MTV comedic improv show generally expect some mix of playful bars and good-natured ribbing when rappers appear as guests. The latest episode provided both, as Chicago’s Vic Mensa summarily dragged Cannon and half of the Wild 'N Out cast during the show’s signature "Wildstyle" segment.

Cannon initially held his own by taking some shots at Vic’s clothing choice—in this case, a “Canadian tuxedo” highlighted by some distressed jeans.

“We all know you a tough guy who carry drums we don’t want no drama/But why you come to this show dressed like Rihanna,” Cannon rapped.

After some oohs and ahs from the crowd, Vic went to work.

“You buried yourself you should’ve brought your own shovel/Ever since Mariah found a ni*** on her own level/I don’t mean to go back and bring up your divorce/But how that work do she pay you child support,” Vic rhymed.

The onslaught continued as Vic mocked Nick’s turban by calling him a “swagged out terrorist.” Two cast members caught some artillery fire in the form of Vic respectively clowning them about their weight and looking like the type of guy who would “shoot up a high school.”

DJ Akademiks can confirm that an age difference doesn’t stop Vic from saying exactly what’s on his mind. In this case, Vic respected fellow guest Method Man by calling him a legend, but still proceeded to get some jokes in.

“Method Man a legend but you know I got to kill him/Your career is old I thought Wu-Tang was for the children,” Vic offered before dedicating some additional bars to Meth’s footwear.

Other cast members got to add a few clips to their highlight reels, but Vic’s bars were the clear highlight in what DJ D-Wrek deemed a win for Vic, Hitman Holla, and the rest of the black team. Viewers who weighed in on Twitter seemed to agree with the decision.

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