Desiigner is trying to keep his fans satisfied as they eagerly anticipate the arrival of his debut album, Life of Desiigner. His latest track, "Arms," is produced by 16YRSOLD, and serves as another teaser off the project.

After dropping the video for "Outlet" in late June, Desiigner released his collaboration with Gucci Mane called "Liife,"Β less than a week later.Β Of course, the question remainsβ€”when will be getting Life of Desiigner?

Even though this isn't the actual artwork of his upcoming project, it does seem to suggest that something is (hopefully) just around the corner. In fact, the album may be getting here sooner than you think.Β 

As for "Arms," people really seem to be feeling his latest track.

What do you think?Β Listen to "Arms" below.Β