Apparently KSBY-TV's news anchor Scott Daniels is a big Travis Scott fan.

For some reason, while filling in for the regular sportscaster at his local Santa Barbara NBC affiliate station, Daniels decided to work 42 Travis Scott references into the channel's three-minute sports segment.

"You already know, nobody triller than me. Nobody triller than Scott. I'm taking their spot. Let's start," he began, before describing a Houston Astros home run as going into the "upper echelon, straight up."

After several baseball highlights, he turned his attention to counting down the days before the rodeo. Of course. "It's lit," he said, wrapping up the segment.

It all seemed out of place for an uptight news anchor to be so into Travis Scott, but I did a little digging and noticed Daniels is an active member on the hiphopheads subreddit—frequently posting from his scottydaniels user name.

He also had an interesting theory about Travis' Astroworld project (which ended up not being true).