Outside of a few minutes on Stephen Colbert's couch, Tyler, The Creator has avoided doing too many interviews since dropping Flower Boy, but he stopped by Know Wave's Koopz Tunes radio show this week to play music he loves.

In between songs, Tyler and the host had a loose, meandering conversation that began with Tyler casually mentioning, "I had a boyfriend when I was fifteen in fucking Hawthorne. If that's not open minded, I don't know what is."

Tyler also talks about 2 Chainz being his "favorite right now," goes on a tangent at 44:00 about Pharrell being a "weird black man" that he loves, and mentions that he isn't planning on touring this year (at 46:00). Then he says that there's a good chance his performance at the Flog Gnaw carnival will be his last show of the year.

At 1:05:00, he dives into a hilarious freestyle that calls to mind his amazing 2012-era radio freestyles. You can listen to the full show below.

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