Tyler, The Creator has been dabbling in animation for his whole career, occasionally lending his voice to cartoons on Adult Swim and creating his own animated series called The Jellies!

So, it was fitting that stop motion was the first topic he explored on his new VICELAND show, which is centered around the loose premise of: "Tyler finds out how things are made."

On the first episode—which you can watch for free in its entirety above—Tyler explains why he loves cartoons so much, saying, "I draw almost every day. I love cartoons. Cartoons just do whatever. You could blow a house up and a dog could come out speaking English like, 'Goddamnit, they blew my house up.' And get in a car and drive. That's awesome."

After visiting with animation experts (including the team behind Adult Swim's Robot Chicken series), Tyler creates a short stop motion film of his own. And he brought along his buddy Jasper to help voice one of the characters. The short clip, which took four weeks to make, can be seen at the end of the episode (at the 20:26 mark).

Watch the episode above and continue for five things we learned from Tyler's recent Cherry Bomb documentary.