Tyler the Creator’s “Who Dat Boy?” finds the Odd Future polymath picking up where he and ASAP Rocky left off on their viral clip for Kanye West’s “Freestyle 4.” The Flower Boy track has Tyler and Rocky trading verses over an aggressive, uptempo beat. One could make the argument it’s the type of track a certain member of TDE regularly shines on, and it seems that opinion was not lost on one fan.

“The 3rd verse of @tylerthecreator Who Dat Boy shoulda went to @scHoolboyq,” wrote Twitter user @_Hodges_ while tagging both Schoolboy and Tyler.

Q was clearly checking his mentions when the question was posed, as he had a hilarious reply: in short, Schoolboy joked that ASAP and Tyler would’ve been battling for third place.

“Tyler & Rocky didn’t wanna get bodied,” Schoolboy Q replied.

Q’s “Hands On The Wheel” and Rocky’s “Brand New Guy” are proof that the two enjoy a friendly competition in the booth. 

Attendees of the 2013 iteration of Tyler’s Camp Flog Gnaw also got to see what a live TDE/Odd Future pairing would potentially sound and look like as Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q joined Earl Sweatshirt onstage during Mac Miller’s set. There's also the urban legend of a certain performance in a Hooters parking lot.

“Who Dat Boy?” may have been the ASAP Mob, Odd Future, and TDE pairing listeners hoped for, but according to Tyler, everyone wasn’t on board.

“You fat, lying bitch,” Tyler jokingly tweeted in response. “I made that beat specifically for you and you said, ‘Ehh, nah’ so I kept it you dirty n*gga.”

Leave it to Tyler to answer that inquiry in the most Tyler, the Creator was possible. Maybe @_Hodges_ and everyone one else hoping for that TDE, Odd Future, and ASAP Mob collaboration will get their wishes granted with some type of unofficial remix in the future.