Her fans are still waiting on a huge stack of unreleased music the singer promised to drop, but Lana Del Rey is giving them plenty to chew on in the meantime. The singer just released the video for her song, "White Mustang," and it only amplifies the story about her relationship with a sort-of-dangerous lover.

Complete with a rocket blasting off, a silent lover with whom she dances in the streets, and yes, a white Mustang, the video highlights Del Rey's fascination with a special someone, even as she appears to realize her affection is creeping into obsession territory. In the same vein as another song from Lust for Life, "Groupie Love," Del Rey is also clearly pursuing another musician on "White Mustang," and we see that emphasized in the video as her lover works on audio mixing while Del Rey tries to distract him.

Speaking of "Groupie Love," would it have been too much to ask for us to get a video for that song instead? Pursuing the same angle with ASAP Rocky as the potential love interest could have been a lot of fun, and plus, "Groupie Love" is just a flat-out better song to me.

Maybe we can get a video for both tracks, because Del Rey has showed no sign of stopping on the music video front. We now have visuals for "White Mustang," "Love," and "Lust for Life," three of the 16 tracks from her latest project. Just do yourself a favor if you happen to get your hands on any future videos in advance: don't share it with anybody, because Del Rey is not afraid to publicly shame you for leaking her work before she says it's good to go. 

You can watch the video for "White Mustang" above and check out Lana Del Rey's recent Complex cover story here.