Spotify is the biggest streaming service globally and one of its biggest draws is their ability to make accurate, personalized playlists for its subscribers. These playlists contain songs curated specifically for each individual on the app and certain ones like Discover Weekly and Release Radar update weekly with new tracks to check out. The accuracy gets creepier and creepier with each release and this latest playlist may the weirdest one yet.

This past week, all Spotify subscribers over the age of 16 received an e-mail informing them about a new personalized playlist called Time Capsule. The message read, "It’s been a while, so we made you a throwback playlist we think you’ll love" and links to a playlist that the streaming service has curated to evoke powerful memories of your youth.

You can check out your own personalized Time Capsule here and see if the streaming giant can help you relive some of the glory days of high school.