Wednesday afternoon, Syd joined Reddit with a simple "Hey, it's Syd" post and started answering questions.

First, she reassured fans that a new Internet project is on the way, and answered a question about who will be handling vocals: "Right now its just me and Steve, but I'ma make Matt say some shit." Then the conversation turned to her early days with Odd Future.

When someone asked what it was like back when OF started, Syd replied, "We all truly believed that what we were doing was special and important and historic, and that's what kept us in the studio together for all that time before we started touring. At that time it did feel like we were friends, but honestly, more than that, we were a team. Shit got out of hand when we started touring. Most of us never had money and had never been on tour, and it was a lot to take in. We were kids. Still are."

Then, she added, "It's funny cause what people thought OF was is what The Internet actually is."

Later, she explained that if fans are just getting into her music, they should start with the newer stuff first: "I like to start with an artists latest work, rather than listen to their old shit first when they were still trying to find their sound or whatever. Sometimes the old shit is the best, but I feel it's unfair to the artist. I feel like I've gotten so much better since my first album and I'd rather people hear my best shit first. I think most artists feel that way."

You can read the full AMA here and listen to her new EP below.