The six episode season of Tyler, The Creator's How It's Made-style show on VICELAND is over, but the network has now made all of the episodes available to stream for free—even if you don't pay for the channel.

As VICELAND describes it, the show follows Tyler as he "explores the things he loves and the ways they work, with the help of experts and personal heroes." In order, those topics range from stop motion, sneakers, breakfast, floating, go-karts, and furniture. Along the way, he visits experts like Neil deGrasse Tyson, who act as guides and answer all of Tyler's questions.

Tyler's naturally wide-eyed curiosity and enthusiasm for everything around him make the 26-year-old rapper a perfect subject for a show like this. You can see all six episodes on VICELAND's site here or below for free (if you're in the United States).

Episode 1: Stop Motion

Episode 2: Sneakers

Episode 3: Breakfast

Episode 4: Floating

Episode 5: Go-Kart

Episode 6: Furniture

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