The title track of Daniel Caesar's excellent debut album Freudian is an epic 10-minute journey through the idea of duality in life, relationships, and love.

Caesar sings about a lover who at once inspires him to sing and is "the reason I'm alive" while acknowledging: "I must bring you honor / If I don't, I'd die." Later, he sings to his mother about what time has done to him and how he's changed and lost his faith.

With the release of a "visual" for the song this afternoon, Caesar takes the opportunity to dive further into those themes—using split-screen effects to highlight emotional change over the course of time in a single location. Directed by Keavan Yazdani and Sean Brown of theENDS, the four minute video is a stunning addition to the emotionally-nuanced world the Toronto singer built throughout the rest of the 10-song album. You can watch the clip above and continue for more artists who are pushing R&B forward in 2017.