Kevin Abstract has been open about the fact that some of his videos for Brockhampton were inspired by Spike Jonze and that Kanye West's Spike-directed "Flashing Lights" video is one of his favorites of all time.

The two ended up connecting when Spike's television network VICELAND worked on a show with Kevin called American Boyband. Now, an hour long conversation between the two has come to light on the third episode of the Launch Left podcast, hosted by Rain Joan of Arc Phoenix and Moon Unit Zappa.

Throughout the conversation, they talk about their beginnings as outsiders in school, being multidisciplinary artists, redefining your surroundings, giving your art to the world, empathy, and more.

Kevin also spoke about the difference between his Brockhampton and Kevin Abstract projects and where he might take them in the future: "Brockhampton represents friendship to me. The Kevin Abstract project kind of represents being socially awkward in high school, which I’m low key kind of tired of. I don’t want to be that artist whose doing the teenage angst thing and draw it out my whole career. So I’m thinking that Kevin Abstract would just be this project that represents my time in high school, then I’d move on and do something completely different."

You can hear the podcast on Apple podcasts here or stream it below.

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