The Boiler Room "Chatroom" series has pulled together artists like Lil YachtyRay BLK, and Danny Brown for hilarious, bizarre conversation, but they may have peaked with their latest clip. Rex Orange County and Mac DeMarco (two of our favorite eccentric singer-songwriters) sat down and had the kind of endearing, freewheeling conversation you'd probably expect.

The pair chopped it up about eating live octopus, Rex never having seen a Star Wars movie in its entirety, and getting dropped while crowd surfing—which Mac partially blames on his size and partially because younger crowds are less aware of what's going on.

"And especially with the phones and stuff, they want the selfie, but in order to get the selfie they're going to be crushed by an overweight 27-year-old Canadian guy," DeMarco warns.

Throughout the clip they also try to name the greatest pop song of all time, floating Prince, Michael Jackson, and the Beatles, but ultimately get nowhere. In addition to discussing the quality of airline food ("It's always dog shit") and the ennui of birthdays (“I feel like it gets to 4:00pm on your birthday and you’re just like: ‘Still my birthday, I kind of wish it wasn’t" ), let's hope the pair also discussed teaming up on some tracks.

Rex was recently included in our Best New Artists of 2017 and released his album Apricot Princess in April, while Mac put out his fifth LP, This Old Dog, in May.

Watch the clip above and read our profile on Rex Orange County here.