Denzel Curry is in the zone. 

On New Year's Day, he announced a string of releases from himself and the rest of his crew in the first quarter of the year that he's calling "U SZN." The planned rollout includes a project from Curry called TA1300​, and this weekend he shared some footage from the studio—previewing a couple wild new songs.

After first sharing a glimpse at a bass-heavy solo cut (which you can hear above), Curry revealed he's been working on music with IDK as well.


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"I'm gonna tell ya right now, that ya boy snapping on everything. I swear to God," he yelled in a another clip from the session. "We made the hardest shit. All you motherfuckers are dead."

Curry isn't keeping all the productivity to himself, though. On Monday afternoon, he blessed us all with a motivational message.

"We on a new level today," he said, screaming into his phone. "I'm gonna let you know right now, if you're on the couch right now, and you ain't getting money... If you ain't giving anything to the lord... If you ain't trying to evolve every day... You ain't doing shit! I need you to get off the couch right now. I just got off the motherfuckin' couch! This is Everest!"


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Watch the inspirational rant above and continue for Curry's story about the time his dreadlocks saved his life.