Joey Badass has been sharing his thoughts about the world through music for years, but in 2018, he'll have a new platform: his very own podcast.

On Sunday evening, Joey revealed the news that he's starting a podcast called 47 Minutes, which will be available on Tidal soon. As he explains it, he'll use the podcast to "talk about shit from hip hop, politics, spirituality and whatever the fuck else I want." If his amazing wine-fueled Instagram live session this weekend is anything to go on, Joey should have plenty of great stories to share.

As podcasts continue to rise in popularity, Joey is the latest hip-hop artist to get into the mix—a couple months after Rick Rubin started a series with Malcom Gladwell called Broken Record. Joey will join hip-hop experts like Elliott Wilson, Angie Martinez, and P&P's own Jinx on Tidal's growing network of podcasts.

Continue for our recent conversation with Joey about Trump's America and making smart music. While you wait for 47 Minutes to arrive, check out a list of our favorite music podcasts here.