Lil Skies is blowing up right now. The 19-year-old Pennsylvania rapper has multiple songs with tens of millions of plays each, he just dropped his Life of a Dark Rose mixtape, and he's selling out shows across the country. For a lot of artists who rise into the spotlight this quickly, it takes time before the live show catches up to the online buzz. Based off fan reactions and the videos we've seen so far, it looks like Lil Skies is already prepared for the stage.

This month, he's sold out shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Seattle and the response from fans looked crazy. "I hope the youth sees what I'm doing and finds inspiration," Skies said in a note on Instagram. "I'm still achieving and chasing my dreams day by day. This is something I'll die for, this is something I sacrificed my whole life for, I donโ€™t have to say how bad i want it... you can see it."

See some footage from Lil Skies' performances below, and get to know more about the rising rapper in his episode of Trending Topics.


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