During an interview with Nardwuar on Friday, Lil Xan cleared up some confusion about his name change to Diego. Explaining that it won't be an overnight transition, he said, "I'm still Lil Xan. You can call me Diego if you want. My second album, I'm going to be full Diego."

Nardwuar also asked him about why he always wears a backpack. Diego credited that to Mac Miller: "He always had his backpack on. He doesn't do it anymore, but I guess it's what initially got me wearing the backpack. I always thought backpack swag was cool, but the more I do it, the more it is in light of Mac Miller. The backpack swag came straight from Most Dope and all that. I love Mac Miller.​"

Diego also talked about the importance that director Cole Bennett has had in launching his career and credited Robesman for introducing them to each other. At the end of the interview, he looked at the camera and told his fans, "Don't do Xanax. Don't do any drugs. Don't go cold turkey, get help if you need it."

Watch the interview above and continue to see Diego talk about getting a ferret in the video below.