One of our favorite things about Brockhampton is how they engage with their fans. For years, they've been doing experiments with their followers, creating crowd-sourced twitter accounts, live streaming, and interacting in person. 

On their current Love Your Parents tour, the group have been bringing fans up on stage each night in the middle of their set to see if anyone is willing to display their talents. At the Grand Rapids stop, a fan wearing Brockhampton's signature blue face paint volunteered to go up on stage and sing. After warning that her voice was worn out from yelling all night, she delivered a cover of Alicia Keys' classic "If I Ain't Got You."

By the time Alicia's memorable hook comes in, at the 2:10 mark, the whole crowd (and all the members of Brockhampton) are singing along. What a moment. Your other favorite boy band would never. Watch the video above and catch up on every member of the group below.