Brockhampton have signed a record deal with RCA Records.

After independently releasing their three breakout Saturation albums in 2017, as well as 2016's All-American Trash, the group announced on Twitter, "As of March 30th, 2018, Brockhampton will be artists under a recording contract for RCA Records."

Shortly after announcing the deal, Kevin Abstract explained to his fans on Instagram that this will change nothing for the group, creatively.

"Just wanted to let you guys know that we have decided to partner with RCA and the next records will be released through those guys," he wrote. "I wanted to be very clear about this and let y’all know that nothin changes. Videos still diy, music still made in our house, and we’re still gonna make the best possible product for y’all."

Brockhampton have been clear about their intentions to be the "biggest boyband in the world" and they felt RCA would allow them to achieve their goals. As Kevin says, "Apple had to get out of the garage at one point."

"[RCA] understood that we wanted to be the biggest boyband in the world and I’m a firm believer in not being able to do everything on your own," Kevin continued on Instagram. "Find people whose morals and vision align with yours and follow that. Apple had to get out of the garage at some point. Thanks for giving a fuck and thanks for my management for guiding us in the best possible direction yeehaw."

In a follow-up tweet, Kevin reiterated that "we still in this living room making songs."

This week, Kevin also updated fans on the progress of album number four, explaining, "We set up a new creative team at Brockhampton and we’re getting shit done at such a fast pace!"

If you're just now getting familiar with the group, check out a rundown of every member in Brockhampton in the video below.