Earlier this month, Death Grips tweeted that they were "working on the new album with Andrew Adamson." This was cool, because we're always excited to hear new music from the punk/rap/experimental group, but also weird, because Adamson isn't a musician. He's the director of the Shrek movies, and yet there he was in the studio in a photo shared by the band. Death Grips x Shrek mash-ups have been being made for years so the smart money was on this being some big joke, but a new update suggests otherwise.

Last night, as Fader reports, Death Grips' website was updated with a message that an album titled Year of the Snitch is "coming soon." Subsequently, the band tweeted "someone snitched" and, at time of writing, Death Grips website has crashed. As ever, following Death Grips is full of twists and turns, but if they do release an album this year, it will be their first since 2016's Bottomless Pit. According to the group's social media, they have also been working on the album with Tool bassist Justin Chancellor.

Last year, Death Grips shared a 22-minute long mix and an 11-minute drum solo. Keep an eye on Death Grips' Twitter, Instagram, and website for any changes.