In January, a study came out that showed a glaring lack of representation of female artists in today's popular music.

In support of International Women's Day on Thursday, Spotify has launched a new tool that shows the gender breakdown of the artists you listen to. Then, it creates an "equalized" playlist with suggestions of artists to check out if you're looking for a more even gender split in your playlists. The idea is that the industry isn't properly exposing female artists to listeners who want to hear their music, and this tool could help shift the imbalance for people give it a try. It isn't perfect and it's heavily branded, but it's a start.

"In 2017, all ten of the top ten most streamed tracks on our platform were performed by male artists," Spotify's Tim Ganss says. "This really doesn't properly represent the fantastic work done by female artists, particularly in 2017—an amazing year for women in music."

You can use the tool here and watch Spotify's video about the new extension below.