Yesterday, Vince Staples set up a two million dollar GoFundMe page so haters could pay him to shut up and retire.

By this morning, the campaign (which is titled #GTFOMD for "Get The Fuck Off My Dick") was revealed as a promotional tactic for his new song of the same name—which drops at midnight. But Vince is serious about keeping his GoFundMe page alive.

When he noticed the account was deleted this afternoon, Vince went on Twitter and asked his 800,000 followers for help.

Apparently, he already had plans for the $1,460 that currently sits in his account. And, of course, Vince used the opportunity to expertly plug some of his other brand partnerships.

When he couldn't get the answers he wanted, Vince called on some big guns for help: Ellen, Oprah, and the whole cast of The View.

Within an hour, his pleas for help were answered and someone named Kelsey from GoFundMe restored his account.

Marketing campaign or not, Vince has proved himself again as one of today's most entertaining rappers. "Get The Fuck Off My Dick" drops at midnight.