Now that 21 Savage has found success as a rapper, all he wants is happiness. In an Instagram post on Wednesday, he wrote, "Keep da money, cars, fame, and jewelry, and jus give me all the happiness I’ll be good forever."

So, what makes 21 Savage happy?

Apparently, the answer is flight simulators and dreams of becoming a pilot. During a conversation with Seth Rogen for Interview Magazine21 was asked what he would choose if he had a week to do whatever he wanted. Without hesitating, he responded, "I would fly my airplane simulator. Take my airplane craft to the airport."

21 says he's working on getting his pilot's license and already has ten hours of flight experience on a private plane. A surprised Rogen asked, "You're learning to fly a jet?!" 21 responded, "Yeah, you got to start with propellers and then I’m going to go up to jet after that."

"I wanted to go to into the Air Force since I was young," he explains. "That was my dream, but I had behavioral problems so that didn’t work out." He continued, "I’mma buy my own. That’s why I need you to put me in a big movie role so I can buy a plane."

He's not playing around. In 2017, 21 posted footage of himself inside his flight simulator on Instagram.

Elsewhere in their conversation, 21 revealed he went against his manager and label's advice when it came to choosing songs for his album. "I got songs that wasn’t the crowd favorite, but I still went with them," he says. "Like 'FaceTime.' My manager didn’t really like that song. Shit, I like that shit. The label didn’t really like it neither, they told me not to put it out."

You can read the full conversation here.