Kanye West's new album is dropping tonight at midnight and a big unanswered question remains: How much will he address his political ideas in the music itself?

According to Pusha T, Kanye will address everything on the album. In a new interview on Big Boy's Neighborhood Thursday, he says, "When 'Ye's album comes out, he's going to address his true perspective."

There have been rumors and speculation that Kanye's controversial public statements have been used for album promotion or for a performance art piece, so it's interesting that Pusha used the words "true perspective." Pusha explained that he strongly disagrees with Kanye's endorsement of Trump and the slavery comments on TMZ, but he tells Big Boy that he likes the messaging on the new album. He says, "I feel like his messaging is A1 and you guys are going to get all the answers you're looking for."

Pusha T also explained that he didn't mind Kanye mentioning the MAGA hat on his DAYTONA song "What Would Meek Do?" He says, "That's where I actually do like his messaging. I love how he messages in music and in my music. The line about the MAGA hat, I believe he asked the question, 'If you ain't driving while black, will they stop you?' Then he asked the other question, 'Will MAGA hats let me slide like a drive-thru?'"

You can watch the full interview on Big Boy's Neighborhood below. The conversation about Kanye begins at the 24:00 mark.

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