UPDATE: Tyler's version has been taken down by YouTube. "Was waiting for this," he tweeted.

 Kanye West and Kid Cudi's joint Kids See Ghosts album has only been out a week, and the covers have already started streaming in. Tyler, the Creator might be the most high-profile artist to give it a shot—his take on the title track isn't his first homage to Ye, but it might be his best.

After letting the chorus ride out, Tyler enters the Ye x Cudi zone with a line about calling his sister and admitting he doesn't tell her he loves her enough. From there, the late Stephen Hawking gets a mention, as does anyone with data-challenged cellular plans trying to "cancel" him on Twitter.

Stream Tyler, the Creator's take on the Yasiin Bey-featuring "Kids See Ghosts," titled "CRUST IN THEIR EYES," up top. The cover art is a Matthieu Venot creation.


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Last month, Tyler shared a new one-off titled "435." When tweet-alerting fans to the song, Tyler noted the track consisted of "just a verse" he recorded in Philadelphia while touring Scum Fuck Flower Boy. "This is not an indication of how future things will sound," he said.